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Neighbourhood Watch is pulled into the 21st Century

Emails, social media and SMS mean it is now even quicker and easier to be a part of your local Neighbourhood Watch scheme.


In the past involvement with Neighbourhood Watch was perceived by some as a past time only the retired or others with time on their hands could afford.

Previously, individual Neighbourhood Watch Schemes operated on what might best be described as a cascade system.  A local coordinator would receive a telephone message from the Police with information about recent crimes in the area – burglary or vehicle crime for example.  Alternatively, the message might request information for example details of sightings of a vehicle bearing a certain registration number. Having received the message the coordinator would pass it on to other members of the scheme and so the process would continue until everyone had received it.

This process might involve knocking on neighbours’ doors to pass on the message or making a series of telephone calls.  For such a process to operate effectively there was a need for some regular contact between members and this could include attending formal meetings. It was this aspect of Neighbourhood Watch membership that deterred some from joining.


In 21st Century Neighbourhood Watch Schemes members receive all such details via email or an automated telephone call.  Computer systems enable the Police to target with precision using post codes. This ensures that the information sent out is of real relevance to the recipients, it is about activity in your street or the next street.

You can play an important role in making your area a safer and more pleasant place to live just by being more aware of what is going on around you. So you can be an effective member of Neighbourhood Watch without ever attending a meeting if that is your preference. However if you want to be more involved in activities in your area there is nothing stopping you. Its all about personal choice and making a commitment that suits your own lifestyle.

 To take part all you need provide is your name, address and an email or telephone number.  Once signed up you will receive emails informing you of crime committed in your immediate area.  It really is that simple and it is absolutely free.

 So, how do I join?

 Contact Warwickshire Police on (01926) 684385

or email

Later on in the year we will be bringing you more information on the results of our internal drive to increase Neighbourhood Watch membership amongst Warwickshire County Council staff. This was organised by Community Safety Project Officers to coincide with Neighbourhood Watch week back in June.

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