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Nuisance motorcycles – THE FACTS

Over the last few years, there has been an increase in the use of off-road vehicles (quad bikes, electric scooters, go-peds and trials bikes) in Warwickshire.

If you own an off-road bike, are considering buying one or are suffering because of one, important advice and guidance is available.

Important facts:

  • Riding an off-road bike vehicle in a park, public place or on common land is an offence, unless the vehicle is specifically made for the use on the road, you can only ride it on private land with the land owners permission.
  • The Road Traffic Act can be applied if off-road vehicles are used in public places, used in an anti-social way or are driven carelessly.
  • Any vehicle that is used on the road will need the following – driving license/test certificate, tax disc, insurance and an MOT certificate

Police powers:

Under the Road Traffic Act, anyone caught riding an off-road vehicle in an anti-social way can be prosecuted, if caught riding illegally you could face legal action including fine or imprisonment, having the vehicle seized, prosecution resulting in losing your driving licence or having your vehicle crushed, or civil action that could result in an anti social behaviour order, harassment proceedings or tenancy proceedings.

In Warwickshire, posters, leaflets and a new advice card have been developed and will be widely distributed through the Community Safety Team, Warwickshire Police and Borough/District Councils.

Suffering from the misuse of motorcycles?

 If you are suffering from the use of nuisance motorcycles in your area please report it to Warwickshire Police on 01926 415000, or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.  If possible please provide the following information to aid identification and prosecution of offenders:

  • Description of who is/was riding the vehicle
  • Where the vehicle is/was being used
  • When is the vehicle being used (time of day, day of the week)
  • Details about the vehicle (make, model, colour)
  • Who owns the vehicle

For further information

Contact Martyn Stephens, Community Safety Team Leader

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