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Secure scooter storage

Older students at schools and colleges often use scooters and mopeds to enable them to travel to and from education sites. As new terms start we felt it was a good time to offer some words of advice/ useful tips for keeping them safe.scooter safety

Scooter or moped theft is a real possibility, with over 20,000 stolen each year across the UK.  With the increase in young people now owning scooters and mopeds instead of cars the need to be extra vigilant and security conscious is increasing.

You can drastically reduce the risk of having your moped or scooter stolen by following the advice below:

  • Buy an anti-theft device  – chain, padlock, disc locks, u-locks and immobilisers – keep any keys with you at all times (the use of approved anti-theft devices may help reduce your insurance premium)
  • Consider removing a spark plug or HT cap
  • Lock your bike to something immovable like railings, a lamp post or bike post, keep the chains and locks as tight as possible to the machine
  • Park where the machine can be seen
  • Keep your keys in a safe place at home – not in easy view

Also remember the safe riding of your machine

  • Ensure your moped or scooter is fit for purpose, with you and and the bike being road legal. Checklist:
    • Lights and brakes are fitted and are in working order
    • Insurance, MOT, driving license, vehicle tax and registration plate in place
    • Compulsory basic training has been completed
    • Correct clothing is worn including a helmet, gloves and suitable footwear

We hope these tips will help students and other moped and scooter rider stay safe on the the roads and ensure their vehicle isn’t a target for thieves. Go to for more community safety advice from the team and other support services.

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