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Car cruising injunction

We are currently talking to businesses at Hams Hall to achieve a solution in relation to the proposed Gating Order to tackle anti-social behaviour in the area. We have also been working with Warwickshire Police to extend the s222 injunction which gives police additional powers to deal with people causing anti-social behaviour specific reference to the following activities;

  • Participating in a car cruise (eg driving at excessive speed, driving in convoy, racing other motor vehicles, performing stunts and sounding horns/ playing radios)
  • Dropping litter
  • Shouting or swearing at, or abusing, threatening or offensive or otherwise intimidating (including by the use of sexual language or making sexual suggestions) another person
  • Excessive noise
  • Causing a danger to other road users (including pedestrians)
  • Causing damage or the risk of damage to private property.

The court granted this extension last week on the 17 October 2011, they also approved a change to the operation times so the above list of activities are now banned between the hours of 3pm and 7am. In addition to this the court amended the area covered by the injunction to include sections of the A446 up the Bassett’s Pole.

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