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Are you alcohol aware?

Warwickshire local authorities and partners are getting ready for a week of campaigning in support of Alcohol Concern’s Alcohol Awareness Week 2011!The annual campaign, which this year takes place from 14 – 20 November, aims to get people thinking about their own use of alcohol and the effect of alcohol misuse on wider community.

Alcohol Concern’s Charter

To mark the week, campaign leaders, Alcohol Concern, will launch a charter, which sets out four beliefs that underpin all of Alcohol Concern’s work:

  • Society. Everyone has the right to enjoy life free from the effects of alcohol harm- at home, work or in the community, and everyone has the right to be free of the pressure to drink and to be supported when they choose not to.
  • Information. Everyone has the right to objective and independent information and education, starting early in life, on the consequences of alcohol consumption on health, the family and society.
  • Young people. All children and adolescents have the right to grow up in an environment protected from the promotion of alcohol and the negative consequences of alcohol consumption.
  • Drinkers. Anyone who develops a problem with alcohol – as well as members of their family – has the right to accessible advice, treatment and care.

Warwickshire County Council staff and colleagues from a range of public sector agencies have been signing the charter and they are inviting members of the public to do the same online at from Monday 14 November.

Local Initiatives

Warwickshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team and Community Safety, in partnership with other teams within the County Council, are holding a staff drop-in event in Shire Hall’s ante-chamber on 17 November.

Fun activities and useful information will be on offer from services including, Community Safety, Trading Standards, Road Safety, and the Respect Yourself Campaign. There will be a driving simulator and ‘beer goggles’ experiment, non-alcoholic cocktails and guess the measure tests.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness amongst council staff both for their own benefit and for the customers they support. More information is available at

Warwickshire Police will be carrying out enforcement exercises and Trading Standards will be running test purchases. Youth workers will be delivering activities in local schools and hospitals and information will be distributed to shoppers in Warwickshire town centres.

In Warwick, students from Southam College and Kenilworth School will be debating some serious alcohol issues in the county council chamber on Thursday 17 November.

The educational exercise will see the young people present arguments for and against a zero blood alcohol level for driving and asking people to pay for alcohol related medical treatment.

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Concerned about alcohol?

Visit for help, advice and support. 

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