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More support for family members and carers

Warwickshire Drug and Alcohol Action Team (WDAAT) is pleased to announce that ESH Works Ltd (ESH) has been appointed to deliver drug and alcohol user and carer involvement and peer mentoring services in Warwickshire from 1 April 2012.

ESH been appointed following a competitive tender process to deliver the service, which from 1 April 2012 will include more support for carers and family members of those with a drug or alcohol problem.

ESH will be running forums, workshops and training for service users and family members to support recovery from addiction and reduce the harm that individuals and family members can experience through substance misuse.

The service will also include a volunteering scheme, advocacy support and a peer mentoring programme to support service users with their recovery.

The service will form an integral part of the Warwickshire treatment system and will work closely with the Recovery Partnership, the new provider of drug and alcohol treatment services for Coventry and Warwickshire.

ESH will encourage service users and family members to be actively involved in the on-going planning, development and commissioning of substance misuse services, ensuring that they are effective, recovery-focused and meet needs.

The ESH service will replace the user involvement and peer mentoring service currently operated by Voices 4 Choices, on 1 April 2012.

About ESH Works Ltd

ESH Works Ltd (ESH) was established in 2009 as an independent user/carer involvement and support organisation to provide opportunities for people who have personal experience of addiction to enable them to help others through their recovery.

The management team at ESH have been active in supporting individuals, families and friends of substance misusers, helping them through their problems for over ten years in Coventry and Warwickshire.

The fundamental principles and ethos of the organisation are reflected in the prefix of the name ‘ESH Works’. The letters ESH represent the Experience, Strength and Hope which alcoholics, addicts and their families have gained during their problems with addiction and into recovery.

ESH is focused on recovery and believe that this is achieved most effectively when it is led and supported by people who themselves have experienced the problems and found a solution.

ESH provides opportunities for ‘people to help people’.

More Information

For more information about the new service, please contact the service commissioners:

Will Johnston – Joint Commissioning Manager – 01926 412411

Louise Williams– Assistant Joint Commissioning Manager – 01926 412281

Concerned about your own or someone else’s substance use? Visit for information about local support services. 

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