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Burglary advice in the Spring heatwave

We don’t normally start so early with our summer crime advice but this turn in weather has got us all out, enjoying the sunshine. While it’s fantastic and a welcome break, you should consider that Warwickshire burglars will be out in the sunshine as well.

We all open windows in the hot weather, but be aware that this offers a way for  gain access to your home. Opening upstairs windows first or those at the rear of your property are harder to see and access. Make sure you keep expensive items away from open windows – lot of phones, cameras and laptops are stolen by thieves reaching into an open window. Don’t forget to keep your car keys secure as well!

Leaving down stairs windows overnight is unadvisable, as this is a common method of break-ins. If you live in a ground floor apartment, consider getting lockable window restrictors that will reduce your risk. These are cheap and easy to fit costing less than £10.

A few days ago we blogged about getting Shed-ucated to prevent thefts from sheds and Garages; in this warm weather, this advice is very timely. While working in the garden consider if you have left the front of your home vulnerable. If your garage has a door in to your home, it could be more that the family bikes that go missing.

While you are out in the garden, keep an eye out for your neighbours too, help them reduce their risks and pass on this advice. Now is a great time to join your local Neighbourhood Watch and your local safer neighbourhood team from Warwickshire Police will be able to help set one up if you don’t have one locally.

If you’re planning an Easter break, don’t forget to take all the precautions that you would normally take for a longer break. Cancel papers, milk and any other daily deliveries, secure your home and tell ask a friend to keep an eye on your property for you. Tell them when you’re coming home and if you’re expecting any deliveries while you’re away.  Don’t forget to secure your car if you’re leaving it at home. If you can put it in a garage, do, but if not, ensure that keys are hidden and that any alarm or immobiliser is activated. By protecting your home, you reduce this risk of the nasty surprise that will ruin your holiday.

For further information contact your local WCC Community Safety Project Officer.

Nuneaton and Bedworth and North Warwickshire

Martyn Stephens –  02476 483163

Helen Earp –  02476 483163


Paul Collett –  01788 533877

South Warwickshire

Abdul Rahim –  01926 412433

Paul Ledden –  01926 412261

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