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Dispose of your cardboard sensibly

With a new recycling scheme well underway, Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service and Warwickshire County Council Community Safety would like to remind residents of the best way to dispose of excess cardboard and paper.

When recycling cardboard boxes, please be aware that you may inadvertently ‘advertise’ that lovely new lap-top, Widescreen TV, or any other desirable electrical product, or jewellery which you may have received or bought.  Dispose of boxes and rubbish discreetly by only exposing the inner side of the cardboard box or by breaking down boxes and taking them to the tip.

Anything that will not fit into the recycling bin should be placed by the side of the bin, if possible only on the morning of collection and as late as is possible to remove the temptation for the cardboard to be stolen and subsequently set fire to.

Although it seems less dangerous, setting fire to rubbish, dumped furniture or recycling bins can spread fire quickly to nearby cars, fencing or roof spaces.

Arson is against the law. Anyone found guilty of setting fires on purpose could face a prison sentence.

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