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Stay secure in the sun

Hooray – the warm weather is here but before everyone rushes out to enjoy the sunshine we (Warwickshire County Council’s Community Safety Team) want to remind people not to forget security measures. Over a third of burglaries take place when people don’t use the locks and bolts that they already have.

  • Lock front doors and windows when elsewhere in the house or garden.
  • Never go to bed with ground floor windows left open or those that are close to flat roofs.
  • Remove all valuable items from sight and open windows – handbags, mobile phones etc
  • Lock side gates, to protect your garden furniture

Thieves are opportunists – so make it difficult for them:

  • use lights and radios on timers to make the home appear occupied
  • fit a good quality alarm from a reputable supplier
  • Join Neighbourhood Watch
  • Receive CAPS messages from your local police teams (complete the form online)

You may think you are secure, however, you may get into a routine and have not realised the opportunity you are presenting a thief.  These are some of the common errors:

  • leaving doors open whilst working in the garden
  • leaving doors unlocked whilst watching the TV
  • leaving windows open in areas that are accessible to a thief, such as a window next to a flat roof, or rear window next to garden furniture/wheelie bins that could be used as a climbing aid
  • not locking up last thing at night assuming that someone in the house has already done it
  • just popping to a neighbours for a cuppa, leaving the door unlocked.

For more community safety advice go to: or follow the teams blogs at Keep upto date with Twitter at #safeinWarks

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