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Be safe as the clocks go back

The clocks go back on Sunday 28 October, and with it much darker early evenings. While people prepare for this pivotal shift to winter we thought we would offer a reminder of some personal and property safety advice

Your house being in darkness is a sure sign that no one is at home and can be an invitation to opportunistic thieves. To light up before you get home from work or if you are away for a few days consider using timer switches around the house to turn on lights and radios till after dark or away for a few days.

Leaving lights on does cost money, but we are talking pennies – a small price to pay compared to the cost of a burglary with the loss of property, insurance claims and repairing damage.

When you are in home in the dark, drawer your curtains or blinds, you don’t want your house to look like a shop window with all your possessions on display to those who walk by.

A high proportion of burglaries are a result of properties being left insecure while people are in the house. Why wait till bed time to lock up? The best way is to always keep the doors locked then as you move around the house it doesn’t matter that you can’t see or hear the door should it open.

Sometimes thieves don’t even have to get in your house, leaving items such as car keys and handbags in view by an open window it just the opportunity they need to steal your possessions.

The steps we take to prevent burglaries seem simple and common sense but they will help take away that opportunity the thief is looking for.

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