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Our advice to young people during Alcohol Awareness Week

It is ok to say ‘no’ to alcohol. It is your choice.

If you do choose to drink alcohol make sure you and your friends stay safe.

6 things to do if you do decide to drink

  • žEat before you drink because alcohol will enter the bloodstream more slowly through your stomach if there is food there to absorb it.
  • žBefore you start drinking any alcohol at all, be clear how much you want to drink and when you’re going to stop.
  • žMake sure you drink soft drinks in between alcoholic drinks – this will stop you becoming too dehydrated.
  • žTry to have standard-sized drinks so you have a better understanding of how many units of alcohol you are consuming.
  • žIf you go out and drink, make sure you know how you’re going to get home and always have some money put aside for a taxi in case you need it.
  • žAlways tell someone where you’re going if you’re going out and think you’ll be drinking.
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