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New advice to parents: Deliver strong anti-drug, alcohol and tobacco messages to protect your children

A new report, published in the journal Human Communication Research, provides new useful guidance to parents.

While previous studies have suggested that parents should be open about drug-use to make their children less likely to take drugs themselves, the study showed that the opposite is the case.  Even when parents spoke about negative experiences, it increased the chances of their children using drugs.

However, children whose parents did not talk about drug-use but delivered a strong ‘anti-‘ message were more likely to exhibit anti-drug attitudes themselves.

Researchers said: “Parents may want to reconsider whether they should talk to their children about times when they used substances in the past.”

(SOURCE: The Telegraph)


Warwickshire DAAT in partnership with the Family Information Service have reissued an information leaflet for parents on how to talk to their children about alcohol and the best times to do so.

Leaflets are available free of charge, but stocks are limited. To order, please contact

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