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Level of excess drinking of alcohol ‘is underestimated’

The BBC have today reported on research into drinking levels. The amount of alcohol consumed in England could be much higher than previously thought, a study suggests.

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The current recommendation set by the UK Chief Medical Officers is not to regularly exceed four units per day for men and three units a day for women; the Royal College of Physicians recommends weekly alcohol limits of 21 units for men and 14 units for women – although these are currently under review.

Drinking guidelines

A unit of alcohol is roughly equivalent to half a pint of ordinary strength beer, or nearly one small glass of wine.

How many units are you drinking?

Warwickshire DAAT encourages you to look at the drinks monitoring tool on the Change4Life website, details of which are below.

The ‘Change4life’ drinks checker is a simple, interactive tool to help people check how much they drink. It will also give you some tips and ideas for cutting down. It can help you check how many units of alcohol are in the most common types of drinks (beer, wine, spirits and alcopops). You can choose by size, alcohol percentage (ABV) and the number of drinks you had.

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