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Longer Lives data highlights need for continued investment in Warwickshire Drug & Alcohol services


Longer Lives highlights premature mortality across every local authority in England, giving people important information to help them improve their community’s health.

Whilst Warwickshire as a whole fairs reasonably well – ranking 41st out of 150 local authorities nationally, when broken down, performance against liver disease drops to 61st.

Two of the three prime causes of liver disease highlighted are:

• Alcohol
• Hepatitis

In recent years the Drug & Alcohol Action Team have taken numerous measures to help combat liver disease.

For example we:

• Increased the availability of services across Warwickshire for alcohol and drug users
• Introduced more effective community and residential detoxification
• Developed hospital liaison and frequent attendee programs
• Included specialist Hep C provision within our commissioned user involvement service in a bid to reduce the impact that alcohol and hepatitis has on the Warwickshire population.

We have also been involved with:

• ‘Your Town Your Choice’ events (giving advcie to young adults)
• Providing information about alcohol across the county
• Supporting ‘street drinking’ initiatives
• Producing and distributing a variety of materials and contributing to a number of awareness raising campaigns

Further Action

The Drug and Alcohol Action Team has recruited a support officer, whose role in part is to create and distribute information in order to raise awareness of drug and alcohol issues and services.

The actions taken to date are considered to be appropriate, but, due to the size of Warwickshire, are limited due to resource.

To support our work we will be asking partners to consider what further action we can all take.


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