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Work experience student reviews his week with the Community Safety team

Safe In Warwickshire LogoThis week the Community Safety team has been showing a work experience student the ropes. To find out what he has been up to with staff members from Domestic Abuse, the Drug & Alcohol Action Team and Community Safety, here’s his review…

Are you looking for Work Experience? Interested in issues surrounding our communities? Then why not join the Community Safety team!

The Community Safety team is a part of Warwickshire County Council (WCC) and deals with many aspects of issues in Warwickshire’s communities. These include alcohol and drug awareness, crime preventative measures, domestic abuse and many more. The team works and liaises with many other organisations such as The Recovery Partnership and Warwickshire Police to achieve their aims.

I’ve been interested in Criminal studies and community issues for some time and needed to find an organisation that related to this field but also allowed me access as a Work Experience student. The Unit provided me with a truly great insight into their lives in the Unit but also allowed me to perform and excel in the work I did for them. I was able to build on skills I had developed and learn new ones, the team made me feel like part of the family and I’ve made many friends.

The week was brilliant in providing me experience of this field of work and reassuring me that I will follow this career path further. The team has also provided me with further advice in how to progress with this path and given great feedback in response to my work. I have made many great friends that I will keep in contact with and has encouraged me to seek volunteering opportunities within the Unit itself because of the positive response to my work.

Some of the activities I participated in included:

• Photocopying and laminating posters and resources to be distributed by myself and the team
• Producing and delivering crime prevention packs and Neighbourhood Watch packs to local areas such as Stratford and Kenilworth Police station.
• Giving advice and reassurance to residents via drop in centres such as the Chain office, Lillington
• Planning, organising and attending conferences around community safety issues such as domestic abuse prevention initiative  ‘A Call to Men’
• Providing reassurance by walking around areas such as allotments and providing crime prevention advice
• Producing a report on ‘Facebook Security’ to be used in a campaign to help promote child safety on social networking sites such as Facebook
• Attending meetings with regard to new schemes being implemented and accessing current progress

This Work Experience opportunity would be perfect for students with an interest in this field and also seek great reward from their work and a great team behind them to support you. I can’t thank the team enough for their work and support and hope to join them soon and can’t wait to see the reward future Work Experience students could gain from this.

Thanks again.


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