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Children as young as seven affected by parents smoking #smokefree

Smokefree WarwickshireA study by Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (also known as Children of the 90s) shows that children as young as seven had elevated levels of cotinine (a by-product of nicotine) in their blood if their mother smoked, particularly children whose mothers smoked 10 cigarettes a day or more.

The study included over 3,000 children when they were aged 7 and 2,000 children when they were aged 15.

The researchers found that the cotinine levels of children at both ages were strongly related to whether or not the mother smoked, and how heavily, indicating clear evidence of environmental tobacco smoke exposure (also known as secondhand or passive smoking).

This study provides important evidence of the need to reduce smoking in private homes and cars.

It is already known that secondhand smoking increases the risk of heart disease, lung cancer and respiratory disease.

Everyone has their own reasons for wanting to give up smoking. Whether it’s because of a desire to improve your own health, save money or to break free from the addiction to nicotine, it’s never too late to quit and Smokefree Warwickshire is here to help. You can also find information on how to maintain a smoke free home and car.

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