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Your Town, Your Choice! Monday 30th September

Picture1“Your Town, Your Choice” gets underway on Monday 30th September in Leamington to coincide with Freshers’ Week and an influx of nearly 5,000 students into the town.

It follows the national InFocus: Alcohol Harm initiative launched by the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) to promote and tackle alcohol-related crime and disorder.

Superintendent Debbie Tedds, police commander for South Warwickshire, said:

“It’s a busy time for Warwick University with thousands of students returning or arriving for the first time. The police and other agencies will be working within the town and local community to assist where necessary and to promote key issues on student safety, especially with regard to sensible drinking.

“During the week, our officers and others will be emphasising the theme of “Going Out and Staying Safe”. We want students to have a good time when out but above all, we want them to stay safe and to avoid getting into trouble.”

Among those involved in the activities are Warwick University, the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, the town’s nightclubs and pubs, Warwick District Council, Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards and Community Safety & Substance Misuse team.

Various stands and displays will be set up in key areas during the week giving out advice about personal safety, including the dangers of excessive drinking and “pre-loading”.

Street pastors, police officers and police community support officers, will be among those on hand to lend support and guidance.

Demonstrations will include a breathalyser machine, calorie and unit count cards, first-aid advice and a drinking time machine. The main event will take place on Spencer Street, set up between Victoria Terrace and Lower Avenue and the road will be closed from 6pm to around midnight on 30th September. 

Superitendent Tedds said:

“It’s a busy time for all concerned. We will be keeping a close eye on things and urging people to be sensible, not to expose themselves to risk or become involved in trouble of any kind.

“Our activities will be on three levels – education and engagement, prevention and effective enforcement.

“We will be urging students and others to drink sensibly while on a night out. It’s worth remembering that extreme drinking increases the likelihood of committing or becoming a victim of crime and that nearly 50 per cent of all violent crime is alcohol-related.

“When it comes to alcohol, know your limits. Drink with care and stay in control, keeping yourself and others safe.”

Top tips for staying safe on a night out:

• Pace yourself – alternate alcoholic drinks with water or soft drinks.

• Eat before you start drinking.

• Drink in groups – don’t be left on your own.

• Know your limits – don’t drink until you’re completely drunk.

• Don’t accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended.

• Look out for your friends and make sure they look out for you.

• Ensure you have a safe way to get home – either a designated driver or taxi.

• Let people know where you’re going and who with.

• Have a contact on speed dial in case of emergencies.

• Don’t drink and drive.

• Avoid mixing drugs (prescribed or otherwise) and alcohol.

• Avoid trouble – call police on 101 for assistance, or 999 if it’s an emergency.

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