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Find out what women should do according to Google searches #womenshould

A series of thought-provoking ads that highlight authoritative attitudes towards women have been created for UN Women by Memac Ogilvy & Mather Dubai.

The campaign uses popular search engine Google to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem.

The adverts show the results of genuine searches to reveal the widespread prevalence of sexism and discrimination against women. Based on searches dated 9 March 2013, the adverts expose negative sentiments ranging from stereotyping as well as outright denial of women’s rights.


The adverts show the real Google search results of search terms like “women need to”, “women should” and “women cannot”, revealing the opinions that people around the world have about women.

The words “women shouldn’t suffer from discrimination anymore” and “women cannot accept the way things are” appear in tiny, white print that are barely legible, showing how these opinions are largely ignored.

For UN Women, the searches confirm the urgent need to continue making the case for women’s rights, empowerment and equality, a cause the organization is pursuing around the world. UN Women is heartened by the initial strong reaction to the ads and hopes they will spark constructive dialogue globally.

Sue Ingram, Warwickshire County Council’s Domestic Abuse Manager said:

“This campaign drives to the very heart of the underlying causes of violence and abuse directed at women because of their gender. The sentiments displayed in the Google searches makes it more acceptable to perpetrators of violence and abuse to continue their unacceptable behaviour, unchallenged by the non-abusive majority of society.

Violence against women and girls centres around perpetrators exercising power and control over women and girls who they believe to be of less value and worth because they are female. This quite clearly comes across in the genuine searches shown in the campaign.”

On 25th November Warwickshire is launching a new approach to tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, including a new strategy for 2013 – 16. The strategy includes the key objective of preventing violence and abuse by challenging the attitudes and behaviours which foster it.

To find out more about domestic abuse services in Warwickshire visit Talk2Someone.

The Warwickshire Domestic Abuse Helpline is open Monday – Friday 8am – 9pm and Saturday 8am – 4pm, please call 0800 408 1552.

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