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Is a life of excess making young people feel old before their time? #alcohol

Alcohol UnitsIn episode one of Old before my time Cherry Healey investigates the alarming rise in numbers of young people suffering from illnesses associated with older people due to alcohol, drugs and obesity.

These days a life of excess isn’t just leaving young people hungover, it’s accelerating their age – hit by chronic conditions usually the preserve of pensioners, their young bodies and minds are ready for retirement.

In the first programme, Cherry meets medical experts who are treating young recovering alcoholics like Jo, who has damaged her liver so much that her stomach is filled with 23 litres of fluid which must be drained every three weeks. She also meets 21-year-old Mat, who fell into an alcohol-induced coma and had to have a liver transplant.

Watch the first episode on BBC iPlayer here.

Will Johnston, Warwickshire’s Joint Commissioning Manager for Adult & Young Person’s Substance Misuse, Treatment and Care said:

“It’s easy for people to think that they’re invincible, especially when they’re young. However these stories highlight how quickly experimentation and the pursuit of having fun can lead to serious health problems in the short and long-term”

In Warwickshire Compass provide targeted and specialist interventions for young people, aged up to 18, who are affected by their own or another’s substance misuse. If you would like to talk to someone at Compass please call 0800 088 72 48.

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