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Drivers to take extra care in winter driving conditions #RSW13 #drivesafely

Warwickshire County Council’s Traffic and Road Safety Team are warning drivers to take extra care over the next few weeks, following a number of minor and major traffic incidents on the county’s roads.

Winter driving presents drivers with additional challenges if motorists don’t adapt their driving to the conditions. Avoidable collisions are causing havoc, especially during peak hours causing pain, suffering, long delays and misery for many.

Drivers are being urged to think road safety and adapt their driving to the current conditions in order to avoid being involved in a collision.

The message is clear, adapt to the conditions and slow down.

We are therefore urging drivers to:

• Take into account low sun which can temporary blind you – visor down/sunglasses?

• Leave a bigger gap, especially in icy, foggy and sun blinding conditions on damp/wet roads.

• Keep windscreens clean inside and out – a dirty windscreen only makes low sun worse.

• Clean your windows before setting off, ensuring that they are complete de-misted and de-iced.

• Be prepared for mud and debris on the road from agricultural vehicles which has been washed on to the surface of the highway.

• Slow Down and factor in a longer journey time.

Before the journey check: 

• There is anti-freeze in the radiator of your car.

• There is winter additive in the windscreen wash.

• That your battery is fully charged.

• That your car is regularly serviced.

• That all lights are working.

• Your tyres have the correct amount of air in them.

• That your tyres have plenty of tread depth.

• That your wiper blades are replaced if they are worn.

• Windows are clean and free from smears.

Chris Fossey, spokesperson for the Traffic and Road Safety Team, added:

“This is a riskier time of year to be on the road. Many collisions are thankfully avoidable, by simply taking the advice above. It is therefore vital that road users give the road their full attention, especially in busy rush hour traffic and ensuring that an adequate gap is left between you and the car in front.”

For more information contact: Chris Fossey ( 01926 418612).

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