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Trading standards tell how to spot fake festive alcohol

Trading Standards Fake Alcohol Warning

Don’t buy or consume fake or illegal alcohol Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service is warning consumers this Christmas.

A number of Trading Standards Services in the Midlands have reported seizing counterfeit alcohol from shops during the festive period.

These have included fake versions of well know and popular brands such as Smirnoff and Glens Vodka.

Some illegal or fake alcohol, especially counterfeit vodka can contain higher levels of methanol than is authorised in authentic vodka.

Consumption of large amounts of methanol can be harmful and in extreme cases can lead to blindness.

Tests on counterfeit alcohol have also revealed other dangerous substances such as chloroform and propanol.

Warwickshire Trading Standards advise consumers to be very wary if they are offered alcohol at a very cheap price.

Consumers should also look out for other tell-tale signs including:

·         Spelling mistakes

·         Misaligned labels and branding

·         An unfamiliar or bad taste or aftertaste

·         A strong or overpowering smell

·         Bottle fill levels that are not aligned with each other.

Consumers can report fake or illegal alcohol to Warwickshire Trading Standards by contacting the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 08454 040506

Trading Standards is also advising traders only to buy alcoholic products from legitimate sources to protect themselves.

Warwickshire DAAT endorses this warning and adds that party-goers need to keep an eye on what they consume too. WDAAT LOGO MASTER
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