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New stop smoking adverts highlight toxic damage to vital organs #kickthehabit

bloodA new public health campaign in England is highlighting the toxic damage tobacco smoke does to vital organs such as the brain, as well as the lungs.

The TV adverts (that go live today) warn how smoke makes blood “dirty and thick with toxins” which then circulate in the body, increasing the risks of a stroke.

“If you could see the damage, you’d stop”, say the adverts, aimed at encouraging smokers to quit.

Smokers are twice as likely to die of stroke as non-smokers.

The new campaign also offers help and support for those who want to quit.

In Warwickshire there is a free Stop Smoking Service. For help and advice call 0800 0852 917, text LIFE to 80800 or visit Smokefeewarwickshire.

Health benefits of quitting

  • After one year, your risk of a heart attack is half that of a smoker
  • After five years, your risk of stroke is significantly reduced to the same as a lifetime non-smoker
  • After 10 years, your risk of developing lung cancer falls to half that of a smoker

Ex Smoker Factor

For 2014 there is a brand new competition just for people in Warwickshire.  If your New Year’s resolution is to stop smoking you have the chance to win a prize by submitting blog posts or video diaries on your progress.  To help celebrate your new Smokefree life there are various prizes to be won.  Full details of the competition and useful hints, tips and links can be found at

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