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Want to stop smoking? Try The Distractor @thefilterwales

The Filter Wales have launched their first app to help you stop smoking. Distractor can be downloaded for free, and provides a creative distraction to help you manage your tobacco cravings, alongside in-app access to information and support from The Filter’s website.

You’re invited to beat your cravings by creating an image against a three-minute countdown timer. The aim is to provide you with a distraction long enough for a smoking craving to pass.

Jamie Jones-Mead, The Filter Programme Manager, said:

“We’re really excited about sharing The Distractor app with young people across the country. It takes about 3 minutes for a tobacco craving to pass, and the best way to manage these cravings is with distraction. The app will provide a fun and engaging distraction, alongside high-quality information and advice about the dangers of smoking.”

With its creative side, and the ability to share images and pictures with friends across a range of social networks, it is hoped the app will appeal to both smokers and non-smokers.

In Warwickshire there is a free Stop Smoking Service. For help and advice call 0800 0852 917, text LIFE to 80800 or visit Smokefeewarwickshire.


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