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Warwickshire Youth Justice Service tops the list for reducing re-offending

Warwickshire Youth Justice Service has been reported in Children & Young People Now as one of the six best youth offending teams in the country for reducing re-offending (24.09). Of these six it has the best improvement in reducing re-offending since 2005, having reduced the rate by 9% over that period. Warwickshire continues to perform excellently by reducing re-offending against a backdrop of a national rate which is currently on the increase.

In a recent report published by the Ministry of Justice Data Lab Warwickshire Youth Justice Service has also been found to be significantly better at reducing the re-offending of young people who commit violent offences, having submitted data for comparison against a nationally matched group.

Lesley Tregear Warwickshire Youth Justice & Family Intervention Service Manager said “It is excellent to see the work of the service being recognized nationally”.

In order to achieve these excellent results practitioners in the service undertake a comprehensive assessment of every young person they supervise to inform the work they carry out with them in supervising their court order. Victims of youth crime are also contacted to ask for their feelings about the offence and to support them in meeting with the young person if they wish, in order for the young person to make some form of reparation to the victim.

Tregear said “A focus on a victim’s feelings and the impact the offence has had on them is central to our work with young offenders, enabling practitioners to help them understand the full consequences of offending. Meeting with a victim is extremely powerful, victims report it as a ‘healing process’ for them and we see a real change in young offenders attitudes and behaviours as a result. The excellent performance reported in these 2 publications demonstrates what we are doing is working and is helping to keep Warwickshire safe”.

YP Now article

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