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What 60 cigarettes really do to a lung #stopsmoking

A new video is receiving a lot of attention on YouTube

A teacher at Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial School, in Hong Kong, made the video after becoming concerned about the number of secondary school students taking up the habit.

Ryan Au made the video, which he posted on YouTube, as a way of showing young people how damaging the habit is.

It shows an air pump inflating two sets of pigs’ lungs as though they are breathing.

Both pairs of lungs are completely healthy at the start of the experiment.

However, one set is allowed to ‘breathe’ clean air, while the other ‘smokes’ 60 cigarettes.

At the end of the experiment, Mr Au compares the two sets of lungs.

See the video here ……. then call the stop smoking service on 08000852917

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