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#Scam alerts from Trading Standards

27/05/2013 SCAM Alert: ‘BT’ email warnings

Several residents have reported receiving phishing emails carrying the BT logo. As with most phishing emails, they don’t look professional, never use your real name (‘dear user’) and always try and frighten you in to clicking on a link in the email.

The latest emails read:

Dear User, Our systems detected an error in your account. We strongly advise you to update your account to avoid suspension or de-activation. Click here to proceed. Your account safety is our top priority.

Dear Customer, This e-mail has been sent to you by BT to inform you that we were unable to process your last payment of bill……we request you to confirm and update your billing information today by clicking here.

Hovering over the link in a phishing email with your cursor will normally reveal the true URL (or web address) it is directed at, (look to the bottom left hand corner of the screen).

Never open suspicious emails, follow any links they may contain or download any documents.


27/05/2014 SCAM Alert: Las Vegas Computer Call!

A Warwickshire resident reported receiving a phone call from someone telling him he had ‘dangerous’ files on his computer. The caller claimed to be phoning from Las Vegas, but a 1471 check revealed a Greater London telephone number. This was an attempt to gain access to the resident’s computer in order to steal sensitive data. Never allow anyone who you do not know and trust, remote access to your pc.

Spotted a scam? Let WCC Trading Standards know. Email:


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