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#WorldCup drink drivers can expect penalties

A crackdown on drink driving is being launched to coincide with this summer’s football World Cup.kickdrinkdrive

Due to time zone differences, this year’s World Cup will be played out through our summer nights posing a real risk to road users through late night drinking and tiredness.

Warwickshire County Council and partners are joining forces to blow the whistle on dangerous drunk drivers through a campaign called Kick Drink Drive.

The ‘Kick Drink Drive’ campaign from the council, Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service, and Warwickshire and West Mercia Police will be promoted in pubs, bars and social clubs across the county and the West Mercia region. Posters and beer mats will be available in these venues promoting a website ( and an online interactive game.

The football themed campaign drink drive message is simple ‘Drinking and Driving Will Cost You a Penalty’.

The campaign offers an opportunity to raise awareness of the issue and take steps to bring the down the number of alcohol related incidents reported in the county. Since 2009 approximately 30 people a year have been killed or seriously injured on Warwickshire’s roads in collisions where alcohol was a contributing factor. But many more will have occurred that have not resulted in serious harm.

Warwickshire County Councillor Les Caborn, portfolio holder for community safety said: “Most alcohol related road traffic incidents happen during the summer months and with opportunities to watch the football in a pub, at a party or organised event, the temptation for drivers to drink could be even greater this year.

“Our simple message is if you are driving don’t drink alcohol, or if you do intend to drink then plan another way home, like public transport.

“We also want people to think twice before driving the morning after a ‘big’ night. We are concerned about the many fans who will be up all night watching matches, drinking late and then hitting the roads the next day. They may not realise they could still be over the legal limit as well as sleep deprived which will increase the risk of causing harm to themselves and other road users.

“Overall we want people to enjoy the matches responsibly and want to help them to avoid falling foul of drink driving as it will cost them at least a penalty but a serious crash could cost so much more.”

Key messages:

• Any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely – drinking and driving do not mix.

• Driving at the legal limit means you are between twice and 5 times more likely to crash.

• Alcohol slows reactions, leading to increased stopping distance, poorer judgement of speed and distance, and a reduced field of vision. Alcohol also tends to make you feel over-confident and more likely to take risks when driving, which increases the danger to all road users.

• If you drive at twice the legal alcohol limit you are at least 30 times more likely to cause a road crash, than a driver who hasn’t been drinking, and 50 times more likely to be involved in a fatal crash.

• Causing death by dangerous driving when under the influence of drink or drugs can lead to up to 14 years’ imprisonment, together with an unlimited fine, disqualification from driving for at least 2 years and a mandatory extended driving test.

• Driving or attempting to drive while above the legal limit or unfit through drink could lead to a 6 month prison sentence, together with a fine of up to £5,000 and disqualification from driving for at least 12 months (3 years if convicted twice in 10 years).

• After a drink drive conviction you could pay up to three times more for car insurance.


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