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Beat the criminals this summer

Over the last three years there has been an increase in house burglaries, shed and garage break-ins and theft of bicycles in the last two weeks of June and July in Warwickshire. Many of these incidents are due to the warmer weather when doors and windows are often left open.

In order to help beat this trend and raise awareness, Warwickshire Police and County Council are offering practical advice to householders with the aim of promoting safety, improving home security and ultimately reducing the number of these crimes.

The step by step guidance produced and distributed by the Police gives practical help to people to assist them to protect their property.  Some of the top tips include:-

  • Ensure all points of entry (windows, doors and gates) to your home, property and/or shed have locks.
  • When you leave the property, even if for a short time, make sure that these entry points are all locked.  Make sure you lock up when you are working or sitting in the garden.
  • Do not leave keys in an accessible place.  Don’t hide spare keys under a doormat or flowerpot.
  • Think about extra security measures – a fence, burglar alarm or security lights can be a good investment and are likely to deter burglars.
  • When leaving your home or property to go on holiday, use timers on lights and radios to create an impression that someone is still in.  Consider asking neighbours to make occasional visits to your property or park in your driveway.
  • Mark your property and keep a record of your valuables.
  • Chain up bicycles and consider removing a wheel if they are being left outside.
  • Join Neighbourhood Watch to find out whats happening in your neighbourhood.  Email for more details.

More information about crime prevention can be found at or via our crime prevention pages.

Summer Burglary Leaflet


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