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#Summer Safety tips – A blog by a work experience year 11 student (REISSUED)



Here is another chance to read the summer safety tips from our work placement student.

Summer Safety

As part of my Warwickshire County Council placement on my work experience I have been given the task of researching how to stay safe over the long summer holiday. I am a student from year 11, age 16.
Summer is the holiday everybody looks forward to, it gives you a chance to let your hair down and relax after a stressful year of studying and exams. Summer is when you meet up with friends and family and go on the holiday you have been counting down to from Christmas. However you need to make sure you look after yourself over this break.

Here are some of the best ideas my research has uncovered:-
There will be loads of parties that you will want to attend and everybody likes to have a few beers, however nobody is attractive paralytic, so don’t go overboard with the alcohol on the first night!

  • Don’t post any of the information about the party on Facebook as you don’t want 500 people turning up when you only planned to have 50 people.
  • When people are drunk they are more likely to do things they would not normally do, so look out for your friends and don’t let them do anything they will regret.
  • If you do visit a club or pub don’t accept a drink from a stranger or leave your drink unattended. Try and eat something before you go out. Men should not drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol per day and women should not drink more than 2-3 units of alcohol per day. Make sure you keep track of how much you have drunk over the night.
  • Be safe on the road, young people who can drive spend an average of 7 or more hours per week driving in the summer compared to during the school year.
  • Don’t drive whilst drunk as you are putting your life and other people’s lives at risk, by significantly increasing your chance of being involved in a car crash. So if you go to a party and drink get a taxi home or get picked up by somebody who has not drunk.
  • If you are going out for the day let someone know where you are going and know how you are getting home.
  • Make sure you keep rehydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Finally, enjoy your holiday!

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