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Flawed study into #smuggled tobacco might have a point about cheaper cigs

A study compiled for tobacco manufacturers claims that one in five cigarettes smoked in the UK is now bought or smuggled from abroad. This, it suggests, is a 40 per cent increase in the last year. The findings of the industry’s Market Survey Report are based on the collection of empty and discarded cigarette packets a methodology that has been discredited by independent research.

People buying cheap tobacco abroad are presumably doing so to save money but there is already a way of saving ALL of the costs of smoking and gaining better health. In Warwickshire there is a free Stop Smoking Service. For help and advice call 0800 0852 917, text LIFE to 80800 or visit At £7.00 per day (one packet) a smoker could save £2555.00 a year – enough to pay for the next holiday abroad and more.

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