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Advice to reduce #carcrime

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Vehicle crime (theft of or theft from) continues to be an issue in some areas. There is also an extra risk for people on holiday when you are doing things out of the ordinary or carrying more valuables than usual.

Car owners are advised:

  • Do not leave vehicles insecure – Not even for ‘just a second’ but especially when paying for petrol or using a, cash point. It can be enough time for a thief to make off with your vehicle or any possessions left inside.
  • Never leave your vehicle with the keys in the ignition – This includes when loading or unloading shopping or baggage.  If you have a, garage use it! Always lock the garage and the vehicle. If you don’t have a garage always try to park in a well lit open place.
  • Secure number plates – Number plate screws can be replaced with anti-tamper or non return screws (sometimes known as clutch head screws) which can be obtained from motorist stores or DIY outlets. Alternatively purchase anti tamper number plates from some motorist stores (Community Safety Team in Warwickshire has limited supplies for free).
  • Leave empty glove boxes and centre consoles open so that it can be seen that there is nothing to steal.
  • Lock doors and close windows – A vehicle left unlocked or with windows open is an invitation to a thief.
  • Remove all items from the vehicle – Most criminals are opportunists, they take what they can when they see it. If a vehicle looks empty, thieves may leave it alone.
  • Don’t make life easy for criminals by leaving items on display – Either take your property with you when you get out of the vehicle or keep items locked in the boot out of sight. Even things like an old coat can be a temptation for someone to ‘smash and grab’ – they steal first and think about value later.
  • Remove portable Sat Nav Equipment – When it is not in use remove it and the cradle and wipe off any sucker marks as they are an indicator that the Sat Nav itself may still be in the car.
  • Make sure you take your phone with you.

Anyone with information regarding car crime is urged to inform the police on 101 or email

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