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Cybercrime Analysis Brief

cybercrimeAlthough overall crime is reducing in Warwickshire, it is thought that cybercrime has been on the increase for years as more and more people are now carrying out their day to day transactions online and an increasing number of companies are using the internet to successfully run their businesses. Experts report that cybercrime continues to increase nationally and remains a crime type which is under reported by victims.

Cybercrime is also one of Ron Balls’ (Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner) priorities in the aligned Community Safety Agreement and Police and Crime Plan and therefore the area has been analysed by Warwickshire Observatory to define what cybercrime is, what the national and local picture in Warwickshire looks like, who the victims and offenders are, as well as offering tips on how to stay safe online and not become a victim of this type of crime.

To read the full report, please click on the picture above.

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