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APG on #alcohol misuse publish 10 point manifeso

Published to inform and continue the debate on alcohol policy, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Alcohol Misuse has issued its ‘Alcohol Manifesto’. It calls on political parties to commit to the following measures to effectively minimise alcohol-related harm in the UK:

1. Make reducing alcohol harms the responsibility
of a single government minister with clear

2. Introduce a minimum unit price for alcoholic drinks

3. Introduce public health as a fifth licensing
objective, enabling local authorities to make
licensing decisions based on local population
health need and the density of existing outlets

4. Strengthen regulation of alcohol marketing
to protect children and young people

5. Increase funding for treatment and raise access
levels from 6% to 15% of problem drinkers

6. Commissioners should prioritise the delivery
of Identification and Brief Advice. Identification
and Brief Advice should be delivered in a wide
range of different settings including health care,
involving GPs routinely asking questions, and
in-workplace programmes

7. Include a health warning on all alcohol labels
and deliver a government-funded national
public awareness campaign on alcohol-related
health issues

8. For all social workers, midwives and healthcare
professionals, introduce mandatory training
on parental substance misuse, foetal alcohol
syndrome disorder and alcohol-related
domestic violence

9. Reduce the blood alcohol limit for driving in
England and Wales to 50mg/100ml, starting with
drivers under the age of 21

10. Introduce the widespread use of sobriety orders
to break the cycle of alcohol and crime, antisocial
behaviour and domestic violence

The manifesto is not designed to end or curtail people’s enjoyment of alcohol – many people enjoy alcohol responsibly and in moderation. It sets out some of the key points that the All Party Parliamentary Group believe should form the foundation of a future government’s Alcohol Strategy and deal with the type of alcohol misuse which puts strain on public services and ends lives prematurely.

Read manifesto in full here

Click to access APPG_Manifesto.pdf

The Warwickshire Alcohol Implementation Plan details the partnership actions we are planning to take to reduce alcohol harm in the county. Read it here

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