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#StopSmoking on Prescription?

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Recommended Stop Smoking Book

The Smokefree Formula by Robert West is the only stop smoking book endorsed by NHS Warwickshire Stop Smoking Service.
It can be used on its own or alongside support from your local NHS Stop Smoking Service.

The Smokefree Formula reveals the TRUTH about stopping smoking from leading expert Professor Robert West. This book shows, for the first time, how you can create your personal Smokefree Formula so that you are free
from cigarettes for good. Professor Robert West is a world authority on smoking and addiction and has been helping smokers stop for more than 30 years. He is an advisor to the Department of Health and helped set up the NHS
Stop Smoking Services.


The book is available from:
All Warwickshire libraries (part of the Books on Prescription catalogue)
Online: Amazon, Waterstones, WHSmith etc


What a Warwickshire quitter said about the book:

“Everything in the plan has been discussed with the NHS Stop Smoking Advisor. Professor West
echoes the same thoughts and information, so the book has been a great
accompaniment to the NHS service. I have absorbed fascinating facts about
how my mind works – who this “demon” is that I am fighting and strategies to
overcoming the loss of a crutch – and logically and rationally pushing forward.”

To find your local NHS Stop Smoking Service contact:
0800 085 2917, text free “LIFE” to 80800


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