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#Warwickshire #Teenagers Defying Stereotypes


If you still believe that teenagers are heavy drinkers, smokers and drug takers, you may need to think again, with official figures telling us that our traditional views of young people are now out of date.

A report in today’s Daily Telegraph (16.09.14) states that as well as teen pregnancies, underage drinking is also down, with only 9 per cent of those surveyed by the Health and Social Care Information Centre reporting to have consumed alcohol in the week before taking the survey. 10 years ago this was 25%. Those under 18 claiming to have never tried alcohol was up 61%, from 39% in 2003.

This trend continues when the questions are about drugs. One in six now admit to using a banned substance, compared with one in 3 10 years ago.

Warwickshire’s Commissioner for Drugs and Alcohol Services, Will Johnston, commented that, “This is positive news and clearly demonstrates that perhaps as a society, we should be redefining our attitudes towards young people. It is also useful to know that there are some very good services out there for people who have encountered difficulties with substances misuse, that can help them get their lives back on track”.

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