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Shouldn’t #Warwickshire be calling time on #alcohol-fueled #sexual assault? #ringthebell

ring the bell

There have been a few connected news items of late.

Twenty-seven per cent of young women have put up with sexual abuse or inappropriate comments on a drunken night out, according to a new report timed for fresher’s week.

Out of 1,198 women aged 18 to 24, nearly a third also said they had been groped or received unwanted physical attention during an alcohol-fueled evening. Only 19 per cent said they were surprised that this had happened to them.

Out of the women who had experienced some form of unwanted attention, 69 per cent said it made them feel disgusted. More than half felt angry and 39 per cent felt scared.

The study, by alcohol education charity Drinkaware, is part of a report which seeks to emphasise that being drunk is not an excuse for sexually harassing people.

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Meanwhile in USA ….

The White House launches a push against sexual assault. The “It’s On Us” campaign is aimed at encouraging young men to intervene when they witness situations that could lead to a sexual assault. Again aimed at universities.

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The ‘Ring the Bell’ campaign

To “ring the bell” is to take action to challenge violence or discrimination against women wherever you may see it or have the power to make change. The campaign is looking for a million men to make a million promises. Could one of ours be to tackle alcohol-fueled sexual assault?

ring the bell


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