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How to protect your #vehicle from crime

It may be difficult to protect your car from a determined, professional
thief, but most car crime is committed by opportunists who may be put
off by relatively cheap security precautions.

Remember, it only takes a thief a few seconds to get into a vehicle.

Here are some tips and hints from West Midlands Police…..
 Fit an alarm and always use it
 All new cars are fitted with electronic immobilisers but if your car is
over four years old, consider having an immobiliser professionally
 Fit a locking petrol cap and wheel nuts
 Buy a steering lock and use it every time you leave the car
 Have your car registration number etched on every window
 Security mark all valuables in the car, such as radios and Sat Nav
systems, using an ultraviolet pen and keep a record of all property
 Consider fitting a vehicle tracking device
 Lock all windows, doors and the sunroof whenever you leave the
vehicle, even for just a few minutes
 Never leave keys in the ignition — even for just a few seconds or to
heat the car up in winter
 Remove all valuables — never leave anything on display
Check your Fob has done the Job!
‘Car key crime’ is where thieves specifically target car keys to steal
Reducing the risk:
 When at home at night make sure car keys are not in view. However
we do not advise keeping them in the bedroom.
 If you have a garage, always make sure the car is parked in it overnight
 Invest in a tracking device so if your car is stolen it stands a better
chance of being traced. If your car is fitted with a tracking device
make sure you know how to activate it
 If you are bumped or rear-ended in a suspicious way, do not leave
your car. Lock the doors and windows and drive to the nearest police
 Never leave the keys in the ignition when leaving your car, e.g. when
paying for petrol or getting a ticket to park
Keep your Sat Nav safe from thieves by:
 Not using it on daily trips – you know the way to the supermarket!
 Take portable Sat Navs with you when leaving the car, together
with the support cradle and suction pads
 Wipe away any suction pad marks left on the windscreen or
dashboard – thieves will look out for these
 Don’t leave the equipment in the glove box – thieves will usually
check there first

Don’t leave anything on view in your vehicle. Thieves are opportunists
and it only takes them moments to break into your vehicle


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