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Stopping #smoking can improve your looks in #stoptober

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Here are six beauty benefits to quitting smoking:
Whiter Teeth
Tar stains the teeth, leaving them looking yellow rather than white. Even after getting your teeth whitened the staining will start to re-emerge again, leaving you with an unhealthy looking smile. What’s more, smoking can lead to gum disease by affecting the attachment of bone and soft tissue to your teeth.

Healthier Nails
As well as staining your teeth, tobacco also stains your nails. Not only do the nails become stained from holding a cigarette but the smoke blocks oxygen to the fingernails, depriving them of their natural, healthy colour. There’s only so much that nail varnish will cover!

Youthful Complexion
Smoking causes premature ageing as the chemicals eat away at proteins and restrict blood flow which results in dry and wrinkled skin, particularly around the eyes and lips. Smoking also depletes your body of many nutrients, meaning that you lose your natural glow and your skin looks duller and even leathery. Not a good look!

Thicker Hair
Smoking can damage the DNA in hair follicles, meaning that over time your hair thins, and grey hairs are more likely to appear. Men who smoke are about twice as likely to lose their hair than non-smokers.

Healthy Skin
Psoriasis is a skin disease which causes red, scaly patches to appear on the skin. The risk of contracting the condition is significantly increased if you’re a smoker, and even second-hand smoke during pregnancy or childhood is linked to a higher risk.

Less Prominent Scarring
There are 4,000 chemicals in a cigarette including carbon monoxide, arsenic, cadmium and these chemicals limit oxygen-rich blood flow, which means any cuts or wounds will take longer to heal, and scars will be redder and bigger than the scars of a non-smoker.

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For more information and to join the biggest stop smoking challenge of its kind, search ‘Stoptober’ online and sign up.

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Quit smoking stoptober

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