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10 ways to help you stay stopped in #stoptober

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As we are 10 days into Stoptober here are 10 reasons to keep going (or start a quit smoking attempt)

  1. Remember how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked (if you were smoking 20 a day you have not smoked 200!)
  2. If you are using medication (Nicotine products or prescriptions like Champix or Zyban) make sure you are using them correctly – speak to Warwickshire Stop Smoking Service or your local GP/Pharmacist who can help
  3. Hunger cravings feel very similar to cravings for cigarettes – get some healthy snacks ready (soup in this cold weather is perfect) so that your stomach is full and you have less cravings
  4. Get online and share your feelings and thoughts about quitting with others –
  5. Missing something in your hands? Use bluetack or a stressball to keep your hands busy and the urge to smoke will pass
  6. Download the Stoptober app or a game on your smartphone – this helps to distract yourself when you get an urge
  7. Slowly drink a cool glass of water or low calorie drink over 3 or 4 minutes. By the time you have finished, your urge to smoke will have gone
  8. Buy yourself a treat to remind you how well you are doing – you should be proud of your hard work and determination at getting to Day 10! It isn’t easy to quit but you are doing it so never underestimate that
  9. Get some sugar free mints or chewing gum to keep the mouth fresh – it can help overcome urges and keep the mouth busy
  10. When you smoke your heart rate increases – get fitter and at the same time trick your body in to thinking it has had a cigarette by doing some exercise and increasing the heart rate. A walk around the block, or up and down the stairs a few times will do!

(Inspired by Stop Smoking Wales)


Quit smoking stoptober

Stoptober Logo

For more information and to join the biggest stop smoking challenge of its kind, search ‘Stoptober’ online and sign up.

To access the Warwickshire service call 0800 085 2917, text LIFE to 80800 or visit


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