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Alcohol and Children don’t mix – #LookAgainAtAlcohol




Drinkwise, formed to help minimise the harm caused by alcohol. Working for the NHS and Local Authorities in the North West, has launched a campaign to draw attention to the part alcohol plays in the lives on young people.

Some key findings

  • 15 children are ending up in hospital every day
    because of alcohol – hundreds as young as 11
  • 2.1 million children in England are affected by
    other people’s drinking
  • 250,000 children suffer mental distress due
    to others’ drinking
  • 170,000 children are neglected because of
    others’ drinking
  • 10-15 year olds view more alcohol ads on TV
    than adults over the age of 25
  • Alcohol is 61% more affordable today than in 1980 –
    children drink more when alcohol is cheaper
  • Children who are exposed to a lot of alcohol
    advertising, are more likely to drink heavily and
    to start drinking at an earlier age
  • By the age of 15, 44% of girls and 39% of boys
    have already been drunk at least twice
  • Children in the UK drink more and start drinking
    earlier than most other European countries

Drinkwise is calling for

  • 50p minimum unit price for alcohol –
    when alcohol is cheaper children drink more
  • Restrictions of all alcohol marketing – prevent
    children from drinking heavily and at an early age
  • Public health as a fifth licensing objective –
    protect the health of our communities and
    especially young people

Visit the campaign website here and watch the video


Combining new research with a literature review of international studies, DrinkWise’s report also draws on findings from 6 alcohol inquiries with the public and its work with professionals. Read the full report here


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