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Take Our 10 Minute Internet Safety ‘MOT’!

In support of national ‘Get Safe Online Week’, (20th to 26th October 2014), Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service is encouraging consumers and businesses in Warwickshire to take ten minutes out of their day to give themselves an Internet safety ‘MOT’.

Warwickshire County Councillor Les Caborn, Portfolio Holder for Community Safety said: “With so many people online today, either on computers, tablets or smart phones, it’s no wonder that over half the UK population has been targeted at one time or another by online criminals.”

“And, whilst many residents and businesses are more computer savvy than they have ever been, each and every online attack is costing victims on average almost £250.”

Warwickshire County Councillor Richard Chattaway, Chair of the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee, added: “Throughout the week, Trading Standards will be highlighting what consumers and businesses can do to protect themselves wherever and whenever they go online.”

Take ten minutes to carry out these ‘checks’.

  1. Am I using the latest anti-virus software and is it up-to-date and turned on?
  2. Am I downloading the latest software updates to my devices?
  3. Do I keep sensitive information private on unsecure websites and social media?
  4. Do I look for ‘https’ and the padlock sign before I enter sensitive information on a web page?
  5. Do I look at Internet reviews of online businesses before I shop with them?
  6. If I have a credit card, am I using it when I make purchases over £100, to give me extra consumer protection?
  7. Am I backing up all my data from computers, tablets and smartphones?
  8. Am I keeping passwords and PIN numbers safe and secure?
  9. Do I use strong passwords that are unique for each website?
  10. Do I delete unexpected emails without downloading attachments or following links?

If you have answered ‘no’ to any of these questions then you’ve failed your ‘MOT’! Take action now to keep yourself safe by visiting:

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