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Time to lock up your shed? Think about extra protection for valuable tools

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Sheds and garages are increasingly becoming the targets of burglaries. The value of property in sheds is often more than people think. Thieves target them for power tools, cycles and sports equipment. Sometimes hand tools are stolen and used to break into homes.

As many of us are starting to put away those items that we use mainly in the warmer seasons until next year why not take a little time ensuring that they will still be there when we next want them.

Make it difficult, where possible, for thieves to get to the places where our possessions are kept. Secure access to your shed or garage by locking gates and by using thorny bushes next to walls and fences.

Just in case they get there make it difficult to gain entry. Keep sheds and garages secured by a good quality lock with tamper proof fittings.
If they do manage to get in make it difficult to take your high value items away by securing them to the building itself or to each other.

As a final deterrent consider marking your valuable possessions with a visible marking system such as Cre Mark that will also aid their return by rendering then identifiable and traceable.

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