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Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Darker nights are returning and Halloween is only a week away. Whilst Halloween and “trick or treat” is fun for children and young people, it can often be a frightening time for the elderly, vulnerable or people who live alone.  To assist in reassuring vulnerable members of our communities, Warwickshire Police is providing residents with crime reduction advice and posters including ‘No trick or treat’ window cards which can be displayed in property windows.  Documents are available to download below.

Here are some top tips to help have a fun and safe Halloween:

  • Young children should never go out trick or treating without being accompanied by an adult.
  • Do not knock on the doors of strangers; only go to the houses of people you know.
  • Never go into a stranger’s house.
  • Keep to well-lit areas, wear bright clothing and carry a torch.
  • Remember road safety.
  • Take care not to frighten elderly or vulnerable people.
  • If a house is displaying a ‘no trick or treaters’ sign, please don’t knock on the door.
  • Keep your tricks within the law, if you cause any damage you can be prosecuted.
  • Children, don’t be offended if your local shop does not serve you with eggs or flour. Police will be working with local stores to discourage their sale to young people.

For further information please go to the Warwickshire Police website or contact your local neighbourhood policing team.

Trick or treat back trick or treat

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