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“Don’t ask a man to drink drive”!? – #AAW2014

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Re-post for Alcohol Awareness Week 2014

Drink Despair

“Don’t ask a man to drink and drive” – was the government plea to drivers in the first anti drink drive campaign launched 50 years ago.

Casualties have fallen dramatically since the first drink drive ad, but drink driving remains one of the biggest killers on our roads.

Drink drive (over the legal limit) casualties have steadily decreased, from 1,640 dead and 8,300 seriously injured in 1979, to 230 dead and 1,200 seriously injured in 2012 (latest available figures). They now account for one in eight road deaths, compared with a quarter in 1979.

The decrease in casualties is partly due to the stigmatisation of drink driving and greater awareness of the consequences thanks to public education campaigns such as those by the Department for Transport’s road safety agency, THINK! It is estimated camapigns have prevented almost 2,000 deaths and over 10,000 serious injuries from 1979 to 2009.

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