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‘Pre-loading’ alcohol doesn’t save money but does increase risk of harm – #AAW2014

Drinkers who “pre–load” on cheap alcohol at home before a night out do not save money because they drink just as much while out as they would have if they were not already inebriated, a study has suggested.

Researchers also found that those who “predrink” or “pre–load” before going out are more likely to engage in “risky behaviour” – such as taking drugs or having unsafe sex – and suffer from blackouts or bad hangovers the next day.

One in five people reported using drugs, and 8% had unprotected sex after drinking prior to a night out. 5% of men and 3% of women injured themselves or someone else after “pre–loading”.

Pre–drinking leads people to consume nearly twice the normal amount of alcohol on a given night so it is important that people count the number of drinks they have during a night and remember how many drinks they have had already when they reach a new drinking location.


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