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Some hard facts on #LiverDisease for #AAW2014

Time to remind ourselves of the effects on our livers during Alcohol Awareness Week

  • Liver disease is the only major cause of mortality and morbidity which is on the increase in England, whilst it is decreasing among our European neighbours
  • Over a decade the number of people dying with an underlying cause of liver disease in England rose by 40% from 7,841 to 10,948
  • Most liver disease deaths are from cirrhosis (a hardening and scarring of the liver) or its complications – people die from liver disease at a young age with 90% under 70 years old and more than 1 in 10 in their 40s
  • Liver disease is the third biggest cause of premature mortality and lost working life behind ischaemic heart disease and self-harm
  • Most liver disease is preventable – only about 5% of deaths are attributable to autoimmune and genetic disorders – over 90% are due to three main risk factors: alcohol, viral hepatitis and obesity
  • Liver disease, and death from it, is associated with stigma mainly because of the risk factors. This sometimes makes it hard for the patients to access care and hard for the families especially in bereavement

Perhaps now is the time to get a grip on your drinking?

Spruce App is the first that focuses on the frequency of drink throughout the week.

Spruce is a free service that helps you drink less frequently by supporting you to take three dry days in a row each week. It’s easy to do and allows you to understand your drinking behaviour.







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