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Most people who die from #liver disease AREN’T #alcoholics

This article from the Daily Mail gives a clear message to those who consume alcohol regularly.

‘Most people who die from liver disease AREN’T alcoholics – they just drink nearly every day’: Experts warn we need a 3-day break each week so the body can recover

  • Liver disease is the fifth leading cause of death in men 
  • Mike Shallcross is trying to have two consecutive dry days each week 
  • Has been a 25% rise in alcohol-related liver disease deaths in last decade 
  • Instead of one wine or a beer after work, many of us now have two or three
  • Experts: ‘These people just top up every day and never give liver a rest’

Read more here and find answers to these questions

Your liver is the size of: a. An iPhone b. A grapefruit c. A rugby ball

Which of the following is an early sign of liver disease? a. An aching liver b. Floating faeces c. Dark urine 

True or false: fatty liver disease is incurable 


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