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New video from #Angelus Foundation designed to expose hazards of unregulated drugs

A new film from The Angelus Foundation film portrays a ‘headshop’, which sells ‘legal highs’ (New and Unregulated Drugs) on the high street. The message is that these ‘legal high’ products are manufactured in a haphazard and inconsistent manner with little regard for the welfare of the customer. The film actors are stand-up comedian, Jeff Leach, and Irwin Sparkes, lead singer for the rock band, the Hoosiers.


Angelus has produced several films making young people more aware of the harms and unpredictability of substances such as Clockwork Orange, Pink Panther and Charley Sheen. Their schools film ‘Not What it Says on the Tin’ has been shown to strongly influence 95% of those who viewed it, away from ‘legal highs’.


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