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Latest Scam Alerts from Warwickshire Trading Standards

Bogus loan offers

A South Warwickshire consumer paid out over £250 in Ukcash vouchers after being promised a loan from a ‘trader’ of £1700. The loan was not provided and when the consumer asked why, they were told by the ‘trader’ that they needed a further £150.

This is an advanced fee fraud. Never pay money in advance to receive a loan and in particular, be very suspicious if you are asked to make payments using Ukash vouchers. Criminals often request payment by Ukash vouchers as they receive the money quickly and it is difficult to trace them.

Ukash security advice

Ebay sellers – beware bogus Paypal payment emails

Warwickshire Trading Standards is warning Ebay sellers to beware of bogus buyers and fake Paypal payment receipt emails. One Warwickshire Ebay seller was auctioning an item valued at several thousand pounds on the website. The auction was won by a foreign national. The seller then received what appeared to be a genuine email from Paypal, confirming that payment had been received. Consequently, the seller then sent out the goods. It was only later when he checked his Paypal account that he realised that payment for the goods had not been received. The Paypal email receipt was a fake sent by the criminals who had won the auction.

Ebay and Paypal advise sellers to always check their Paypal account, (which they should access via their web browser and not via a link in an email) to confirm that payment has been received, before goods are dispatched.

 PPI scam phone call

A Leamington Spa consumer reported receiving an unexpected phone call from someone claiming to be working for a payment protection insurance company. The caller claimed that the consumer was due a payment of £1786. The caller said that someone would bring a cheque to the residents home and would require a Ukash voucher for £130 in return.

This is very likely to be an advanced fee fraud scam. Any cheque handed over is will either have been stolen or forged.

Fraudsters often ask for Ukash vouchers as they can exchange the voucher for cash quickly and they are difficult to trace.

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