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#Police Issue #Warning After Suspected #Drug Related #Death

Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are warning people of the dangers of taking any illegal drugs and the risks associated with not knowing the content of what they are taking.
Following on from Suffolk Police’s investigations into three deaths thought to be drug related, police are urging the public to be extra vigilant and to be aware that what they may be taking could in fact be part of a dangerous batch of illegal drugs.
West Mercia Police are currently investigating a suspected drug related death in Telford. Police believe the death could have been a result of taking an illegal drug which is described as a red triangle shape with a superman sign on it. It has also been described as a round shape.
Similar incidents are being investigated by Suffolk Police, which have occurred over the past few days.
Detective Chief Inspector Sean Paley said: “It is not only illegal to buy and sell drugs but can also be very dangerous. We are urging the public not to be tempted to take illegal drugs – you don’t know what they are made of or where they have come from.
We are eager to hear from anyone who has been offered drugs in the Telford area recently. Alert police so that we can remove these dangerous drugs off the streets.”

Superman pill



If you’re worried about your or somebody elses’ drug use there is a range of free and confidential treatment and recovery services available across Warwickshire:


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